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How to stop tracking your own page-views on blogger

How to stop tracking your own page-views on blogger

How to stop tracking your own page-views on blogger?

Stop Tracking Your own page views is a descriptor of links describing that stop your own page views.

don't tracking my own pageviews

You shall be now taken to an auxiliary story bearing in mind the behind URL format: https://[yourblog].blogspot.com/b/statsCookieManage

Check the crate that says "Don't track my views on this blog.", and that's it. This is supposed to halt tracking your page views concerning the blog, but if you test it you will deem that it doesn't do. You can check this if it works or not by refreshing your blog in the browser, and later refresh the stats upon your blogger dashboard - you will see that the views are yet creature counted rendering the substitute to approach it off deeply useless.


2nd option Don't track my views on this blog

We know that it doesn't a play-court accomplishment, and Blogger engineers are yet on the subject of it to repair it, but meanwhile, many blog owners are affected and this has to be unconditional anyhow.
To publicize Blogger to not joined your page view is not a magic, the technique is to set a cookie on your browser appropriately that whenever you load your blog the server knows that you benefit not lack your page views to be counted, if the cookie, which is nothing but a little text file saved for websites that contain data used by the browser and server, is not user-understandable it counts your views.What the problem is?

Blogger Tracking Your page views not working but why?

don't tracking my own pageviews
web page tracking
(You may twinge to involve to the neighboring section if you score to just know how to repair it)
The error is later than where the cookie is set behind you sticker album the options page that allocates's you select if you sore spot the blog to summative less tracking your page views.

The URL is: https://[yourblog].blogspot.com/b/statsCookieManage

The cookie named "_ns" considering the value of "2" is supposed to be set harshly speaking blog home, but due to an industrial accident on the Blogger system the cookie is unaided set approaching the /b whereas it is supposed to be set upon the "/" passage which signifies that it must feint apart upon all page of your blog, but due to the industrial accident it is not.See the screenshot is up.

Everything seems to be in passable. As you can see, taking into consideration the substitute in the second image in unchecked (highlighted in orange), the cookie named "_ns" disappears.That is how it is supposed to be in, the difficulty actually is its Path value set to /b
And as the passage is set to /b the cookie appears nowhere speaking the blog except for the page that starts on the subject of the lane /b

Usage the JavaScript Don't track my views for this blog

To make this goings-on i.e to have Blogger subside counting our own pageviews we just have to set a cookie on the subject of the blog, but this time manually as the options page that Blogger provides us doesn't sham properly.

That can be the cancel behind an easy to use JavaScript snippet. All we will realize is set a cookie following the notice "_ns" and the value "2" concerning speaking the root alleyway of your blog.without any accessory suspend here's the code we compulsion (copy it to your clipboard):

blogger tracking your pageviews
for blogger

Do you Know? What is the cookie? Read Now

How can use the code of javascript for cookies alert?

After you have copied the code right of right of admission your blog's homepage. To run this code you compulsion to admission the JavaScript console, there is every other way to door the console in oscillating browsers, I am mentioning how to realize it in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer.

Following the instruction for google chrome?

You can habit in the console using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+Shift+J/F12 or Windows +Option+Jyou could right-click on a vacant place in the web page, subsequently, choose to Inspect and switch to the Console checking account.Following screenshot shows the code entered in the JavaScript console regarding Chrome.

blogger tracking your pageviews
for blogger


Following the instruction for Mozilla Firefox?

Open your Firefox and following the keyboard instructionCTRL+Shift+Kor Windows+Option+K You Could right click and choose Inspect Element then go to the console tab.Posting the code and hit enter that's it.
It must look like in Mozilla Firefox.

blogger tracking your pageviews
for blogger

Following the instruction for Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer 10, the latest description of the company's in-dwelling browser, comes subsequent to the controversial Do Not Track feature turned on the order of by default in financial relation to both Windows 8 and Windows 7.
For those of you who didn't know, the Do Not Track tool is a privacy system that protects users from browsing the web by blocking sites from collecting data and browsing recommendation.
As you can look in this screenshot, Microsofts privacy system relies on relation to a personalized system that can be easily configured by any fan. Only basic computer knowledge is required and a few clicks should be ample to successfully set occurring an added list.
You can select to automatically block content or to, therefore, Choose content to block or ventilate. Plenty of recommendation is displayed in any configuration dialog, just to make sure you the order of almost the safe side each and every one the period.

In act you deem to save Do Not Track turned coarsely, there are several pre-configured lists available online and the built-in system along with provides a member to this gallery. Simply click concerning the Add button from Internet Explorer 10 to deploy this list.

Note the point that it is probably in browsers to set an alternative that deletes any cookies on a site once it is closed, so I recommend you to look for the option for cookies in your browser if this doesn't show to work if the problem stays please post a comment on this post.

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