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Google Search Techniques


How to search for a topic in Google

Google Search Tips and Tricks. Many times Google takes a lot of time to find what we need. But if we know how Google is able to find the necessary topics such as books, PDF files, songs, movies are easily found. By following these rules, you can easily find any issues from Google.
If we need any information, we usually search Google or another search engine. The kind of keywords we search with are similar to our search results. Again many times we have problems to get information according to our needs. Today I will share some information with you. With which you can find any information easily in the search engine. With the following methods, you can easily find any information about Google or other search engines.

Google Search Techniques

Google Search Techniques

  • (No-1.)This search will find all economics-related results only on the about.com website instead of the entire web.site:www.about.com economic
  • (No-2.)This will fill in the blank you want Barack Obama signed( * ) bill last month
  • (No-3.)

    This will Search For The keyword in URL

    INURL: keyword
  • (No-4.)   This will Search for the keyword in Title in title-keyword Example-To find Guest posting site link - in title
  • (No-5.)

    This will search for the keyword in text

    intext: keyword
  • (No-6.)
    This will find the download link in URL:HTML-inurl:HTML title:"index of" apk
  • (No-7.)Inurl, Intitle Link Search Technique intitle:gov blog/forum/article Mind That There Should Be No Space  After inrul site:.edu inrul: blog "post a comment"
  • (No-8.)To Find .gov .edu site with keyword keyword+inurl: .gov
  • (No-9. )Code To Find Do Follow Comment List- Keyword_here "Notify me of follow-up comments?"  "Submit the word  you see below:"
  • (No-10.)  Main Law URL: code keyword "write a guest post"


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