How to quickly increase followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages or profiles

How to quickly increase followers on Facebook pages or profiles

There is an ID on Facebook, but there is no concern about Facebook like this, someone who finds that today is the burden of finding. A lot of thoughts gave a funny status to Facebook, but little like! On the other hand, the status of close friends like many, girls completely flooded!
Do not forget the lamps, and do not forget them. Become a Facebook celebrity! There is no solution to 'solution' or is there in the world? Now let the frustrations shake. Instead, read the rules carefully once in the eye-clockwise clockwise. A recent study found that reducing the likelihood of getting 'favorable' when not updating status at the right time. According to research, '', the best time to 'update the status' between working hours and seven to eight in the evening is the best time.
Researchers from this study, conducted by San Francisco Lithium Technologies, say, "Who will behave after reading the message" depends on a variety of topics. For example daily work and weekly characteristic features, its location or 'timezone' and other 'message' with which your 'message' is competing. "
Studies show that the results of the US San Francisco and New York are almost one. Where usually more responses are found during working hours.

In the medieval period, more responses are found in Paris. And more responses are received in London at the end of the working time.

Researchers said, "This information is very important in the business field to deliver news of new products to consumers in different areas or status as a new boyfriend through social networking and living on the other side of the world."

Besides, if you want to get instant satisfaction, 'Twitter' is a very good medium. According to the survey, it has more than twice the number of feedback received from Facebook.

The amount of feedback that comes on Twitter for the first half hour on Twitter, it takes two hours to get the amount of response to Facebook.

The researchers analyzed the data using the 'timestamps' method for this review, using a large number of data (14.5 million posts) and responses (1.1 million crores) over 120 days.

Social media expert Dan Oracle gave a sense of how you can get more likes and shares by following more easy steps on Facebook. In his research report, he has compiled a number of successful practices that are summarized below for you:

  • What kind of posts will be posted on facebook?
  • Facebook will have to determine the size of the post.
  • Facebook post will be based.
  • Negative posts get more likes from positive.
  • Set Facebook post time.
  • Try to post Facebook on holidays.

Step-1: What kind of posts will be posted on facebook?

Zarrella has searched and seen the most liked, commented and shared pictures on the Facebook page. But there are some differences between these 3 works that you can see in the figure below.

Step-2: Facebook will have to determine the size of the post.

If you post without linking to a Facebook page, it is the most liked and shared. Most of those posts are the tallest ones.

Step-3: Facebook post will be based.

Use your own reference as a reference to a post in the page like "I have seen" or "I believe" in that way. This type of post leads to increased customer trust and more shares.

Step-4: Negative posts get more likes from positive.

The posts that are written in a neutral way, meaning that the posts are not clear or not vague, these types of posts get fewer likes. Negative posts get the most comments from positive posts.

Step-5: Set Facebook post time.

Those posts that were made at the end of the day, they got more likes, comments, and shares because at this time people return home after work and enter personal life. This time, according to Peak Hour, usually from 6 am to 8 pm.

Step-6: Try to post Facebook on holidays.

According to Kerala's information, more likes, shares, and comments are posted on the holidays on Saturdays and Sundays. In terms of Bangladesh, this time will be Venus and Saturn.


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