A New Version of WhatsApp for Business Communication

A new version of WhatsApp for business communication.

Last September for business use.Facebook exposes an app called WhatsAppSwap Business Facebook has created this popular version of WhatsApp, popularly designed to make customer's communications more popular with businesses. After playing this test, the play-strip has been released. The various features of the app are discussed.

The new logo of WhatsApp.

The new app has been retained for WhatsApp. But some changes have been made. There are only English letters in the middle of the previous logo.

The key feature of the new WhatsApp Business.

One of the verified profiles in the WhatsApp business app is one of the most important. This means that the use of the app will be used to verify a business model. In this, Prasabera will be able to identify innocent organizations. Besides, there is a very quick welcome. Also, if someone sends a message to WhatsApp, they will reply quickly and answer the questions.The use of WhatsApp Business will not require any extra hassle on the planet. To use this, the organization must register with the right information about the company. Users can easily contact other users if the company uses WhatsApp Business.

You can use WhatsApp free of charge.

You can get the WhatsApp Business app free from the Google Play Store. In addition to using all the other features of the app, no money will be used.
For now, only the Android version and a few manufacturers have said Facebook, the version of the app will be released soon with the IOS of the app. However, this app can be used for Android-powered smartphones. This app is called the WhatsApp Business in the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Indonesia, and Mexico. But the app will be launched in many more countries this month. The company hopes that the market of India and Brazil will be the biggest market.


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